Endurance &

Agility &

Flexibility &



Our tiered programs for athletes are carefully designed, by age group, in 60-minute workouts focusing on the foundational elements essential to excel in sports. All athletes will have an initial evaluation and progress will be recorded from our highly trained staff. Private and team training available on request.

Our Mission

Taking athletes and providing specific training programs focusing on improving speed, strength, agility, quickness which are the foundations of maximizing the athlete’s potential to improve in their sport(s) while minimizing potential injury.

Our Vision

To pursue competitive excellence by creating a mindset of a champion, built on hard work and dedication, taking our athletes to the next level.

Speed, Agility
& Footwork

Improve Running Form

Increase Speed & Quickness

Improve Vertical Jump

Improve Reaction Time

Enhance Coordination

Strength, Endurance
& Conditioning

Improve Cardiovascular Efficiency

Increase Lean Body Mass

Increase Metabolic Efficiency

Decrease Physiological Stress

Improve Endurance & Stamina

Mobility, Flexiblity
& Stability

Correct Muscle Imbalances

Increase Range of Motion

Improve Core Strength

Optimize Coordination

meet the team

The three founders of Hudson Speed have been involved in academics and athletics for most of their lives. We believe that training our students and teaching them skills and discipline will translate to better athletes which will ultimately transcend to success on and off the field.

Ron Ben-Meir

Dr. Ron Ben-Meir is a parent and 15 year+ Hudson County resident. He is an Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine physician who has taken care of professional athletes from the NFL, Collegiate level as well as adolescent athletes. Dr. Ben-Meir was a Division 1 college football player at Texas State University where he was able to excel to that next level due to the time spent in speed and agility programs in the state of Texas. These programs valued discipline, camaraderie, and competition.


Jodi Ben-Meir is a parent and 20 year+ Hudson County resident. She has been in the field of education for over 25 years. She is currently a public High School Special Education teacher. Ms. Ben-Meir also has experience as an elementary school teacher and also works with novice and veteran teachers to achieve their greatest potential and betterment of self and practice. Ms. Ben-Meir witnesses first-hand the correlation between confident, successful athletes and academic successes.


Chip Benway is a parent and lifelong Hudson County resident. Coach Benway is currently a teacher and coach in the Union City Public School District. He is a successful High School baseball and football coach. As a former athlete himself, he has vast experience working and training with student athletes on and off the field. Coach Benway has helped many student athletes progress to the collegiate level.